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My name is Tammie Bowser and sewing for me is just natural. I have been sewing since I was 4 years old. I remember making my first outfit and wearing it to my pre-school graduation! It was a purple velvet mini skirt with a matching vest!

I started out sewing clothing, and chose a career in the fashion industry after graduating from “The Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising” in 1985.

I wanted to stay home with my baby so I ended my 18 year fashion career in Los Angeles. I then prayed for an idea that could lead me to a new career. Shortly after that, I woke up with the exciting idea for Quilted Photography! My idea was to use very ordinary cotton print fabrics to make amazing photographic photos and portraits.

In less than a week I excitedly made my first Quilted Photo Quilt…and the sight of it  excited me even more! When the first quilt was done, I hung it on a wall and walked away. When I turned around and looked, the quilt of my daughter was just like a photograph, complete with shadows, highlights and details! I ran out of my sewing studio to show the first neighbor that I could find….and it amazed my neighbors too….. they think that I am a genius!

I believe that this gift is not just for me to keep for myself. It was given to me so that I could share it with others. On this site you will find products and classes so you can make your own amazing quilts. You can also hire me to teach your group or commission me to create a work of art especially for you! To contact me just click the “get in touch” button on the right side of the screen or the “contact us ” tab on the bottom of the page.

Look in the shopping area of this site to find out about the software for making patterns from your own photos! You should also look at the “student quilts” link at the top of the page to see the amazing quilts made by my customers and students! The quilts will inspire you to get started making your own amazing Quilted Photo quilt!

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