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Quilting With Rod Stewart


JeanRod1Hi Tammie,
Well, I finally finished my Rod Stewart wall hanging just in time for Rod’s current tour.  I was undecided whether to give it to him or not but I took it to the Vancouver concert to show it to him during the concert.  The end result being that we went to his dressing room and I got to show it to him and he loved it.  He said that we was going to get it framed, so needless to say I gave him the wall hanging and have a picture with him and the wall hanging.  I also got a hug and 3 kissesfor my efforts.I really enjoyed doing the quilted photo and will have to do another one of Rod so that I can keep it. Everybody justs loves the results and are amazed that it is made of fabric.

Thanks again for showing me a wonderful way to reproduce my pictures using fabrics.

Jean Allbeury

P.S. Here is the photo with Rod, me and the wall hanging.  Can you imagine something that I made will be framed and hanging in Rod Stewart’s house.




By: Tammie

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  1. deborah lynn berry

    These are just amazing. I saw you on a quilting program that used to be on our cabel. I taped you on an old VCR Tape and I went through 100 of them to find you just the other day. The program is no longer on I cant even think of the name it was not Carol Devoul if you think of it please E-Mail me I think it was like Allick something or other. I have down loaded your patterns. I have severe Rhamtoid Arthritis but I still am trying to quilt. Again Love your Work Debby Berry

  2. Tommy

    Hi Tammy

    Really love the website, My first time to visit. Very useful information love all the articles. Thanks for all you do please keep it coming..


    • Tammie

      You are welcome.

  3. Libby Mahaffey-Haytas

    Beautiful, just saw Rod on a new show called”Opening Act”. I would lOve the free classes.

  4. Bonnie Sue Flynn

    I made three quilts of photos of Rob Thomas and Matchbox Twenty. I got them signed and sold them on ebay for his charity. I really want to do this method because I bet it would really make alot for Music in the Schools, thanks for the opportunity. bonn

    • Tammie


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