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Student Quilts

If they can do it, you can too!

Essence of Peppermint


April 2013 161My dog’s name is Peppermint Patty, and we call her Pepper for short… so the name of this quilt is essence of Peppermint. This quilt looks SO like her (you knew it would)  that I thought this was the ONLY name the quilt should have. I know that those eyes are a bit overbearing, but it brings her personality out in the quilt.
April 2013 163




Grandkids and Christmas 111


I LOVED doing this!!!!  (really glad that I bought the software so I can do this again.) I want to invite my adult son to come and “do a project with me” one day… and it will end up being his dog…. I think that he will muchly enjoy that!



Free Quilt Patterns


Free Quilt Patterns

The reason I’m giving you these FREE Quilt Patterns & Free Online Quilting Classes is because I want you to understand how to make these amazing Quilts.

The technique is really easy when you know the secret techniques with. Fill-in the form now because I am giving you the ideas, patterns and instructions! I even have photo quilt videos waiting for you! Click Here To Get Started!

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As a quilter of nearly 30 years, I was blown away with this program and process.  It gave me a use for my roomful of leftover fabric beside being fast and enjoyable.  I’ve made all kinds of quilts- pieced, English paper piecing, applique- you name it;  but I believe this was the most quick and enjoyable quilt I’ve ever made.  Instead of laboring over the sewing machine, I could sit back and “cut & paste.”  I’m already half-way through my second project. I only need to brush up on my machine quilting skills.  Moreover,  I love the reactions of every person with whom I’ve shared the finished quilt.  Everyone says, “How’d you do that?”  I can’t wait for the reaction of the dog owner who will get this as a Christmas gift.


Grandson Fabric Art!


DSC00983I had a great time making “Evan” my grandson.  At first I thought this is not looking like anything and “pow” there he was.  This work has won 2 awards. One for a quilt show and one for an art show.  So exciting!

Thank you
Pat Carlson

PS Tammie your process is fun and exciting to do.

Note from Tammie: This quilt was made by my student in my one day class! I think her quilt is just BEAUTIFUL!



President’s House


herculesThere will be a show of quilts in philly the first week in july 2011. Its going to be a very big event in philly.  The event will be about George Washington’s white house and the 9 slaves in his white house.  My quilt is of Hercules, his head cook.  Their story is so interesting.  I had fabric made with all the names of the slaves and used it in quilt.

The name of the show is president’s house.  there is so much info, cant type it all.  Google president’s house and get more info.  I will be there in July.  i am so excited!!  Mary Scales

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