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  1. Barbara Gassner

    It appears the purchase of the software and 15 classes went through…but directly after purchasing, I was redirected to a registration page where my computer refused to budge…I am getting a new computer in October…can this registration stuff wait until then..by that time software will have arrived, etc…??

    Also– when using the technique of random shaped pieces …how do you hold these down? Do you apply spray adhesive to a base fabric or do you use Heat/Bond? or ?? Technique clear as far as valuation and the grid stuff and the new technique for contouring…but how does it stay in place until I doodlemotion on top?? Please give me a hint!! Thanks.

    • Tammie

      You don’t need to worry about the online class….you are getting the CD!

  2. kirk chase

    I have quilted photo express 1.0. I recently replaced my computer and reinstalled the program. I now keep getting the error msg “missing borlndmm.DLL”
    What is this and where do I get it from? I am running windows 7.

    • Tammie

      Xpress 1.0 was created 10 years ago and is not guaranteed to work on windows 7.
      My suggestion is to keep a computer with the old operating system or buy a newer version of the software.

  3. Linda Holt

    Hi Tammi,
    Just finished viewing and reading your books I purchased most all of them as well as the software, I do get carried away when I see a craft I want to try. I think I am ready to start my first one, will keep you updated as I move along.
    Am very excited about this type of quilting.

  4. Tambrisha

    hello, i am interested in buying the quilted photo xpress. but i am confused on what all i need to make these creations? what books do i need? do i need the book or can i just buy the dvd-software to download it on my computer? pleaseeeee answer these questions before i buy unnecessary things? THANKSSS!!!!!

    • Tammie

      You will need the software and some instructions(book, DVD or video lessons) to learn the techniques.

  5. Marie Rock

    I need help! I have Q.P. Express 2 and 3 and have been successful in making 2 quilts, but that was a few years back and I don’t remember how to begin. How do I get my picture transfered from ‘My Pictures’ to the program? When I click on ‘Select Photo’ and go to ‘My Pictures’, I get no where. Please HELP!

    • Tammie

      You must have the QP Xpress software open…. then click the import photo button (it may say select photo) button from the program window….then select the photo!

      • Marie Rock

        Thank you for your prompt response, but I’m still lost in the woods. I clkick on ‘Select Photo’ and I have 3 options: opt jpg, rose jpg, and windingways jpg. All I can get is the Mona Lisa. (can you tell, I’m computer illiterate?) I’ve been successful before, but must have lost a bunch of brain cells since then. I need step-by-step, press this and click that advice.

        • Tammie

          You must navigate to your photo at that point.

          From that window, can you select a different folder?

          • Marie Rock

            Thank you for trying, Tammie. I don’t understand ‘different folder’. I’ll see if I can get a ‘5th grader’ to help me. I can’t seem to get from ‘Select Photo’ to ‘my pictures’. Guess you can’t teach an old dog new tricks!

  6. Marie Rock

    Bingo! I played around and by moving my picture to a different document, it worked! I think I’m on my way. Thanks for your help. I’m amazed at the length you go to to help. You even spoke to me by phone when I first tried the Quilted Photo. You’re so generous and amazing!

    • Tammie

      🙂 your welcome

  7. Jane Henderson

    I purchased your CD Fabric Now but when I click on the videos there is no picture – only a voice – so I am getting nowhere. Can you help?

    • Tammie

      All of the videos are working…… I am not sure why they do not show up….do you have another computer to try?

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